Tools & Accessories

All the gadgets, toys and fun stuff to go along with your functional glass art.

Concentrate Add-ons

Includes accessories to turn almost any glass piece into an oil rig, along with all the tools you need to store and use your concentrates and even a few things to make your own with.


Grinders come in metal, wood or plastic. Usually with diamond shaped teeth, pyramid shaped teeth or peg shaped teeth. Diamond shape usually being the most efficient. Some grinders have various chambers for collection and storage. Best way to clean a metal grinder is leaving it in the freezer overnight and chipping everything off the next morning, if that doesn't do it soak it in 99% isopropyl alcohol.


We know you take pride in your baking, so we wanted to offer a product that would help you get the exact weight of your flour, yeast, salt, etc when you're whipping up a masterpiece in your kitchen.


Need to keep something contained?


From glass cleaning to grinder cleaning. If it's used for cleaning it's in this section.

Spoofs & Sprays

Everything you need to keep unwanted smells wrangled.

Lighters & Torches

Play with fire!!!!

Featured Items

Any product that we have for a limited time, or on special offer.

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