Smoking Parts

All the add-ons, accessories and replacement parts you need to keep your functional glass art functioning. Whether you need that little piece that breaks every time you clean it or you just don't have enough percolators in your rig or you need that fancy 18mm bowl to fit into your new beautiful 14mm bubbler, this is the place to look. If you are looking for concentrate add-ons and oil rig accessories check out the "Concentrate Add-ons" category in the "Tools & Accessories" section.


Most come with a standard male joint and will fit into a matching sized female joint on most downstems or adapters. Good for putting dried legal smoking products in, if you want to burn oils please check out the "Concentrate Add-ons" section in the "Tools & Accessories" category.


You were cleaning your glass and dropped your downstem in the sink again didn't you? Don't worry, that's the #1 thing people always came into the store for so don't feel bad.


Male to Male, Male to Female, Female to Female, 9mm, 14mm, 18mm and on and on and on. We strive to stock every single possible combination of adapters you might need. If we don't have it right now you can bet we are actively searching for it. Send suggestions to


Use these add-ons for even more water filtration in your glass pieces. Since most of what you want from your materials is an oil, it's hydrophobic. The water in your glass won't do anything to the oil but it is perfect for weighing down all the burnt carcinogenic carbon particles that get burnt up with the rest of it. Percolators take that big lump of smoke and force it to slow down and squeeze through little slits or holes to get more of a chance to mix with the water and weigh down the unhealthy crap while letting the oil breeze through. Also useful for cooling the smoke down.

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