Everyone has their own rolling techniques and everyone says they can teach you the best way to roll, but the best way to roll is the way that works best for you. Just keep practicing over and over and like anything else it'll eventually become second nature. Don't get disheartened when your first couple rolls look like a sad CN Tower, it happens to everyone.

If you want a full box instead of single packs, head over to our Contact Us page and let us know which brand/size/flavor/whatever you want. Make sure you leave an email and we will go stock up on them asap and let you know once they've been put on the site. Full boxes are very expensive so it's hard to stock lots of boxes for each brand and size and variation and etc, but we are slowly building up a little bit at a time, you should notice more and more papers with an option to purchase a full box :)

Regular Papers

Usually made from hemp, rice, flax or plant cellulose. These papers are unflavored and come in sizes ranging from single wide to 12".

Flavored Papers

These papers have a flavor added to them that you can taste on your lips while you smoke them.

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