Functional Glass

Functional glass art that would look great as a centerpiece, or vase, or pencil holder. Hell some of them are so nice that you might just want to keep it beside you within arms reach so you can periodically embrace it and appreciate its beauty, that's none of our business though.

Borosilicate Glass

Made from tempered glass, these pieces are taller and have larger chambers than their bubbler counterparts. Good for building up a big mass of smoke then inhaling it all at once. Brew it nice and slow until the smoke hits your mouth, pause to empty your lungs, pull the bowl out and inhale it all at once.

Soft Glass

Soft Glass is not tempered! These pieces are often smaller, thicker and sturdier than their tempered glass but can not handle fast or drastic temperature changes, if you put it under really cold water then switch it to really hot, it will shrink and crack.

Acrylic and Silicone

Acrylic pieces are great for camping trips, parties, festivals, anything where it might get knocked around a bit. Clean them with Green Chronic cleaner and make sure you replace the metal bowls every couple weeks.

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