Concentrate Add-ons

Includes accessories to turn almost any glass piece into an oil rig, along with all the tools you need to store and use your concentrates and even a few things to make your own with.


Nails, Domeless, Honeybuckets, Bangers.

Glass, Quartz, Ceramic, Titanium.

This section includes the pieces that plug into your rig and heat up to drop your dab on/in.


Domes go over top of regular nails on male joints to direct the airflow down into your rig.


Dab tools are used to work with the sticky oils and hot nails that you don't want to touch with your fingers :)

Concentrate Adapters

All the different converters you need to fit different size bowls and nails onto different size rigs.


Glass, quartz or silicone, these trays are used for temporary storage of your oils when you are working with it.


These containers are made of special non stick silicone for storing your sticky concentrates and oils in.

Extractors, Compactors & Screens

Use these products to either take something you've collected lots of and squish it down to something smaller, or if you have a material that you need to extract something from. Do not use them unless you know what you are doing since the processes can sometimes be dangerous.

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